Every day we strive to safeguard the natural water resources of our planet

Our primary goal is to address the ever-increasing scarcity of water, the most valuable resource we have, and make it possible through the purification, treatment, and recovery of wastewater.

Our experience

Dalmon Water Solutions was founded in 1978, in North East Italy at a time when water purification was just developing.

salvaguardia dell'acqua

What we believe in

Our company believes in the importance of knowing how to live with the environment that hosts us, making possible the reuse of precious resources such as water.

The Dalmon Water Solutions guarantee

The decades of experience of our company is characterised by continuous research into technologies and systems that can meet specific needs, from small units to large industry.

fase di progettazione
qualità e sicurezza

We ensure safety and quality

The systems we install not only guarantee high-quality purification, but also safety in the management of the systems.