Our experience

Our history began in 1978 with a precise and pioneering mission: to create innovative and effective solutions for water purification. We are one of the first companies in Italy to have taken to heart the reduction of water waste, and the purification and recovery of wastewater in industrial and residential environments. Over the years we have acquired technical, legal and engineering skills that allow us to return to the client high-performance systems in compliance with constantly updated regulations, with considerable economic benefits.

Our plants are designed and built with the best technologies on the market in order to follow them in the post-sales with a qualified team both in presence and remotely. We offer services ranging from consultancy, to supervision, to technical and operational management with the aim of maintaining high plant performance both to meet a commitment to protect the planet and to save water and economic resources.

In 2021, we became part of Covis Group, thanks to which we expanded our production space and specialist staff, further increasing the advantages for our clients in terms of delivery speed and efficiency. Today we have more than 1,500 systems built nationally and internationally.

acqua del mare

Mission and Vision

Our company believes in the importance of knowing how to live with the environment that hosts us, making possible the reuse of precious resources such as water.

Why to choose us

The decades of experience of our company is characterised by continuous research into technologies and systems that can meet specific needs, from small units to large industry.

Safety and Quality

The systems we install not only guarantee high-quality purification, but also safety in the management of the systems.