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What we believe in

Our company believes in the importance of knowing how to live with the environment that hosts us, making possible the reuse of precious resources such as water.

Dalmon Water Solutions aims to recover the water used in both industrial and civil processing cycles, transforming contaminated water into purified water ready for reuse. The quality of the water thus cleaned, allows you to have a previously unusable resource available again, with a yield between 70% and 80% compared to water coming from traditional purification.

Eco-sustainability is an essential value for our company: water is the most precious asset and the recovery of contaminated water is a crucial step to ensure the preservation of this element so fundamental for the life cycle of the earth. And it is precisely in this perspective that the company’s motto lies: “It takes a lot of blue to save the green”.

By providing passion and knowledge acquired over time, our company offers the innovation necessary to safeguard the ecosystem, acting directly on the polluted resource and redeveloping it, making it usable again. This ensures the reuse cycle, avoiding waste of resources and ensuring environmental compliance.

For 40 years, water has been the means by which we have been telling you about our passion.

acqua del mare

Our experience

Dalmon Water Solutions was founded in 1978, in North East Italy at a time when water purification was just developing.

Why to choose us

The decades of experience of our company is characterised by continuous research into technologies and systems that can meet specific needs, from small units to large industry.

Safety and Quality

The systems we install not only guarantee high-quality purification, but also safety in the management of the systems.