Our approach

We guarantee the utmost professionalism and the necessary attention to achieve an optimal level of purification of polluted water.

The experience gained over decades of business has allowed us to acquire cutting-edge engineering know-how in the construction of up-to-date systems and the ability to offer a high level of quality in the management of installed systems, perfectly integrated with the production cycle in which they are inserted.

Our approach is therefore defined by the steps that will now be listed, each designed to give the best possible result:.

On-site inspection and survey

Our technicians will know more about the needs to be met and will propose the most suitable solution for the application context. The knowledge we have acquired over the years allows us to know how to efficiently identify the best system to purify any type of water.

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Chemical analysis of water to be treated

We will analyse the water, a fundamental step to develop the design in the most efficient and performing way possible. All the data we collect will be essential to propose the most suitable solution.


The treatment systems identified according to the required needs will be designed. The engineering know-how acquired in more than forty years of experience allows us to always develop innovative solutions that can purify wastewater from civil and industrial sectors.



Our technicians will install and configure the systems chosen in the design phase. In this phase it is essential to follow every detail in the configuration of the systems: our technicians are highly trained and qualified, able to perfectly integrate our systems in the client’s production cycle thanks to decades of experience in this sector.

Support and remote control

Dalmon Water Solutions guarantees the management of the systems built, providing a timely and high-performance technical support service thanks to our experienced and qualified staff.

We provide a remote-control system for the operator with the possibility to train him for the same service managed directly by our company, to ensure maximum operation of the process. In this sense, you will get the remote display of the guide parameters controlled in the field; you can interact remotely with electromechanical equipment; you can receive via SMS warning messages or any fault messages; The monitored parameters can be displayed graphically.

After-sales service

Our company offers staff training and guaranteed assistance once the systems are installed. This allows us to remain alongside our clients once our systems are installed and to easily guide them in management.

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Sale of chemical products for water treatment systems

One service we offer is the sale of specific chemicals for the removal of pollutants suitable for every need. Our products can efficiently and safely purify water, bringing the chemical values within the parameters of current environmental regulations.