lavanderie industriali

Industrial laundries

Industrial laundry activities are specialized in washing large quantities of laundry, generating waste mainly characterized by the following pollutants:

  • surfactants deriving from the use of detergent products
  • suspended solids deriving from the release of fibers from the treated garments
  • organic pollution deriving from the release of dirt which is removed from the garments themselves.

Dalmon Water Solutions designs purification plants which, in addition to treating the wastewater for compliance with the quality standards of the emissions into the sewerage system or even into the soil, with the same treatment facilitate and allow the reuse of the purified wastewater in the processing cycle.

lavanderie industriali

Tutti i settori

Sono diversi i settori per cui Dalmon Water Solutions garantisce assistenza nella depurazione delle acque di scarico, ognuno dei quali caratterizzati da specifiche richieste risolutive.