Textile industry

Dalmon Water Solutions’ decades of experience in the textile industry have allowed us to optimise biological treatment and guarantee excellent results, preparing drainage for the next phase of water recovery designed for remission in the textile production process.

The different steps designed by Dalmon Water Solutions to filter this water based on specific needs reduce energy consumption to a minimum and give a result with excellent quality purified water.

Above all, this multi-step process that our company offers is designed for dry cleaners and jeans laundries, the washing of which produces highly harmful waste elements that are released into the water and that only thanks to the proposed treatments are properly filtered.



This sector needs special attention to be able to properly manage potentially polluting wastewater, ensuring the necessary filtration studied in detail and enabled thanks to advanced technologies.

Jeans laundry

Our company guarantees the possibility of recovering the water used in previous textile production cycles, adopting specific attention for the laundry sector specialised in jeans to recover up to 90% of wastewater at low management cost.


Tutti i settori

Sono diversi i settori per cui Dalmon Water Solutions garantisce assistenza nella depurazione delle acque di scarico, ognuno dei quali caratterizzati da specifiche richieste risolutive.