trattamento di acque primarie industriali

Treatment of industrial primary water

We propose solutions for the treatment of primary water, adapted according to the given objective. These waters are precious because they are found in nature and are free of contaminants,
therefore characterised by high purity. For this reason, it is important to preserve them in their purest state.

trattamento di acque primarie industriali
impianti di filtrazione multimedia

Multimedia filtration systems

Our company adapts each solution to the specific requirements to be met, to allow a high degree of purification of polluting water and the preservation of
the environmental ecosystem. Multimedia filtration technology allows the use of a mixture of highly filtering materials that can purify wastewater and
allow the recycling of the most precious resource we have: water.

Filtration system with activated carbon

Our company’s technology used for this solution avails of a semi-permeable membrane capable of filtering polluted water, thanks to the effective identification of suspended
materials and salt solutions dissolved in the water to be filtered.

Impianti di filtrazione con carboni attivi
Impianti di abbattimento PFAS

PFAS abatement systems

These systems are mainly used for the removal of Perfluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances that, thanks to the use of filters and specific solutions in activated carbon, can purify the water from these potentially harmful substances.

Softening systems with ion exchange resins

The technology designed by Dalmon Water Solutions to soften hard water uses a bed of resins where it passes the water to be filtered and where the salts responsible for weighing down the water are eliminated, thereby being lightened and ready for use.

Impianti di addolcimento con resine a scambio ionico
impianti biologici e mebrane tubolari cross-flow

Iron removal systems

The removal systems designed by our company carry out the significant work of filtering important elements to be treated such as iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide. Even
a small presence in the waters can seriously compromise the use of groundwater. It is therefore essential to know how to treat them properly through the use of systems designed
specifically for these types of substances.

Reverse osmosis systems

The reverse osmosis systems designed by our company allow you to eliminate up to 99.5% of the salts contained in the water. These salts, combined with carbonates, bicarbonates and sulphates increase the risk of fouling, clogging in cooling circuits and reduce heat transfer in steam generators, causing pollution in the water table. Dalmon Water Solutions offers this solution that requires a low operating cost and can produce non-polluting discharges that do not require further treatment.

Impianti di osmosi inversa
olympus digital camera

Nanofiltration systems

The technology used for this solution uses semi-permeable membranes, an engineering innovation that allows you to obtain a high degree of purified water to be reused in the production system

Ultrafiltration systems

Our company proposes the installation of ultrafiltration systems based on the physical process of separation of bacteria, viruses and colloids present on the surface of the polluting waters, allowing you to obtain highly purified water.

Impianti di ultrafiltrazione

Drinking water systems

The early degradation of the quality of water intended for human consumption is a growing problem, but we at Dalmon Water Solutions have been ensuring a resolution for more than forty years.

The purification of water intended for human consumption increasingly requires pre-treatment, thanks to the use of quartzite filters and highly finished disinfection systems. It can remove most of the suspended elements and purify the treated water. By doing so, the use of water becomes accessible and safe again.

Desalination systems

The hardness of the water can be controlled by desalination systems. This modifiable characteristic of water is given by the content of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates. Another element to be monitored is the level of pH present in the water, which can create limestone incrustations, especially in the presence of heat. We can manage this process through the resolution proposal of these systems aimed at desalinating water, according to the current regulations of the country of reference.

Impianti di desalinizzazione

Tutte le soluzioni

Sviluppiamo tecnologie avanzate ed appropriate ai bisogni specifici del cliente, adottando soluzioni depurative in grado di rispettare i più alti standard in termini di gestione per la tutela ed il rispetto dell’ambiente.