recupero e utilizzo acque reflue

Wastewater recovery and reuse

These systems allow the recovery of water used in previous processing cycles with a yield quality level between 70% and 80% of the water compared to traditional purification.

This result is made possible only through the technologies proposed by our company and presented through the different types of systems designed for each specific need.

The resulting advantages are many, including considerable economic savings; the possibility of accumulating water reserves in areas where environmental constraints did not allow the supply of water sufficient to support the company’s production. This has an impact on the environment since, once purified, the water is made reusable again.

recupero e utilizzo acque reflue
impianti biologici e mebrane tubolari cross-flow

Cross-flow tubular membrane biological systems (MBR)

This technology designed by our company allows the application of a driving force in water filtration, using a membrane capable of separating the pollutants from the purified water. he use of this solution allows several economic advantages: it reduces, for example, the volume used in the installation of new systems, maintains the necessary space for the upgrading of the existing system, and ensures a high-quality result.

Multimedia filtration systems

Our systems designed with this technology allow the filtering of highly polluted wastewater, using layers of different materials such as sand, quartzite, and activated carbon, mixed in a precise percentage defined according to the needs required by the specific purification situation.

Impianti di filtrazione multimedia
Impianti di filtrazione con carboni attivi

Filtration system with activated carbon

The technology of the absorbent filter with activated carbon designed by our company allows the effective removal of particles of pollutants still suspended in the wastewater, returning up to 80% more purified water than traditional systems.

Reverse osmosis systems

These systems allow you to obtain pure water, eliminating up to 99.5% of the salts contained in well water. This solution at a very low operating cost produces non-polluting discharges that do not require any further treatment and are particularly effective for well water because it is precisely the latter presenting greater quantities salts of calcium, magnesium, iron, silica, manganese, barium, chlorides.

Impianti di osmosi inversa
Impianti di nanofiltrazione

Nanofiltration systems

The technology proposed by our company for this solution uses semi-permeable membranes capable of filtering suspended materials present in wastewater, giving highly purified final water.

Ultrafiltration systems

For our company, it is essential to achieve an excellent purification result and ultrafiltration is one of the most innovative technologies used to remove particles such as colloids, bacteria, and viruses. Thanks to this process, surface water as well as industrial wastewater are purified and can be sterilised and made drinkable.

Impianti di ultrafiltrazione

Tutte le soluzioni

Sviluppiamo tecnologie avanzate ed appropriate ai bisogni specifici del cliente, adottando soluzioni depurative in grado di rispettare i più alti standard in termini di gestione per la tutela ed il rispetto dell’ambiente.