trattamento acque reflue

Wastewater treatment

The systems used for wastewater treatment have the primary objective of filtering and purifying wastewater produced by the industrial and civil sectors. The experience gained in years of design and installation of systems with long-lasting performance, allows us to ensure a high degree of purification of polluted water. Depending on the specificity of the water involved in the process, one of the solutions described below will be defined.

trattamento acque reflue

Types of purification treatment

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Physical chemical systems

Over the years, Dalmon Water Solutions has acquired the necessary experience to develop innovative chemical and physical technology used in the wastewater treatment industry. Accurate dosage of chemicals allows us to prepare the water for the next physical process, in which the insoluble phase will be separated from the aqueous phase. These two phases allow a high degree of purification as a result, ensuring the use of water that has not been reused before.

Flotation systems (DAF)

The flotation systems proposed by our company offer innovative technology that can purify polluted water through a wastewater purification process that can separate suspended solids and filter them from the water hosting them. Thanks to the concentration of sludge obtained from the installed system, it is possible to obtain highly purified water.

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Impianti biologici fanghi attivi

Activated sludge biological system

The years of experience acquired over several decades by our company allows us to know how to develop the innovative technology of these systems, to safely purify polluted water thanks to the use of bacteria specially designed to allow the reuse of the unusable resource.

Cross-flow tubular membrane biological systems (MBR)

Technological innovation in water treatment is a fundamental imperative to improve the quality of life of each individual. One of these innovations is mainly used in the upgrading of existing systems: the use of membranes (MBR).

Thanks to the high concentration of sludge in a short time, purification is more effective, avoiding the use of further chemical treatments. This system offers several economic advantages, including the reduction of volumes involved in the construction of new systems; faster system operating times; maintenance of spaces in the enhancement of the existing ones, and, above all, guaranteed improvement of water quality once purified.

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Submerged membrane biological systems (MBR)

Unlike cross-flow tubular membranes, immersed membranes are placed inside the water area to be filtered, acting directly on the pollutant substances and allowing a high-quality result.

Moving bed biological systems (MBBR)

The technology developed by our company with the MBBR solution can achieve a high degree of filtered water purification, thanks to mobile supports with a high specific surface area located inside the biological system. The high concentration of sludge allows the purification of high quantities of biomass in a highly concentrated time, offering considerable financial and environmental benefits.

Impianti biologico a letto mobile MBBR
impianti biologici sequenziali

Sequencing biological systems (SBR)

Biological oxidation systems are based on the technology of batch flow activated sludge: through sedimentation of water in a tank, you can adjust the characteristics of the sewage to be filtered, adapting to the individual compositions of pollutants and obtaining perfectly purified water.

Tutte le soluzioni

Sviluppiamo tecnologie avanzate ed appropriate ai bisogni specifici del cliente, adottando soluzioni depurative in grado di rispettare i più alti standard in termini di gestione per la tutela ed il rispetto dell’ambiente.