macchine per trattamento acque e fanghi

Water and sludge treatment machines

Our company uses systems capable of treating polluting sludge from industrial sectors such as agriculture, ensuring high-performance thanks to the experience gained in over forty years of business.

We will propose the most suitable solution depending on the required use.

macchine per trattamento acque e fanghi
Microfiltri tangenziali a dischi

Disc tangential microfilters

Our company guarantees the most innovative technologies in the field of purification: one of these is the use of disc tangential microfilters, where the waste to be purified passes through the filtering surfaces positioned in a continuous rotation, allowing a high degree of filtration of the micropollutant particles in the wastewater.

Depurget – self-service laundry facilities

Our company also is specialised in textiles, including self-service laundries. In this field, it is essential to be able to filter wastewater correctly from washing garments because this daily action is one of the most polluting. Our company proposes the use of Depurget to ensure a high degree of purification possible thanks to the technology designed by our highly qualified technicians.

lavanderia self service
Griglia a tamburo rotante

Rotary drum grid

This solution is mainly used for industrial systems that need to filter water from the high concentration of suspended and fibrous solids, channelling the water to be purified thanks to gravity in the purification system and allowing high-quality water filtration.

Screw filter

This type of system used as a purification treatment acts in the first phase as a fine, medium or coarse grate depending on the polluting liquid to be filtered. . Its use is planned in all the systems for water purification designed by our company

Separatori per liquami zootecnici

Zootechnical separators

These systems are designed especially for the agricultural and industrial sectors, to separate polluted water from fibrous solids still suspended in the liquid and create high-quality wastewater purification.

The two fractions obtained from the separation can be exploited to optimize nutrient efficiency:

  • separato liquido -> impiego fertirriguo
  • separato solido -> ammendante, compostaggio, concime organo minerale

Polyelectrolyte preparators

Our company offers solutions designed to adapt to the production cycles in which our systems will be inserted. One of these is the design of polyelectrolyte preparators, where our technicians design and define precise percentages of filter materials adapted to the requirements to be met.

preparatori pole

Tutte le soluzioni

Sviluppiamo tecnologie avanzate ed appropriate ai bisogni specifici del cliente, adottando soluzioni depurative in grado di rispettare i più alti standard in termini di gestione per la tutela ed il rispetto dell’ambiente.